Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh this Old Blog....

I had long forgotten this blog. I have just started a new blog and website I have changed and grown over these years and have continued to learn and soak up information about superfoods, herbs, and sundry alternative stuff. Please visit and share your story with me. I long to network with other like-minded ones. Peace. : )

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My radiant child....

My daughter is almost 2 1/2 now which is so hard to believe. I am so thankful that she is thriving and is enjoying her food so much! Her diet is incredible and is at least 80% raw. Her pediatritian reports that she is in the 95% in both height AND weight! That means only 5 children out of 100 who are her age are taller and weigh more. I should also mention that she hasn't been sick in over a year. I know children her age who are constantly sick and coming down with whatever bug is going around. I am so grateful that my family is so healthy....

Peace & Raw Food,

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yesterday's Cow?

In town there is a store called "Yesterday's Tree". It always bothered me and I thought it was a horrible name for a business! They obviously sell wooden furniture and such. My husband and
I were talking about it as we passed the storefront and it occured to me that it wasn't such a terrible name after all. I was bothered because it was such a slap-in-the-face reminder that every piece of paper, every bookshelf, etc. was once a tree. Ok, yes, it is obvious, but we easily forget where our modern conveniences come from.

I thought that if the food we eat came with such a clear, obvious reminder....maybe it would be easier to make choices that make a difference in our health and in our world. For instance, if veal was called "yesterday's baby cow" or "yesterday's calf who lived in a room so small it couldn't move so you could eat it's tender body"...just think of that.

Just my thoughts today.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No sleep for you!

Oh, man did I have a hard time opening my eyes this morning! I got about 4 hours of sleep and am still walking around like a zombie-woman. That aside, I had a glorious day yesterday. Not that there were any extraordinary events, but I just felt so friggin joyful all day. I have to admit that I look & feel fab!

I'm working on a website where I will talk about my journey and share recipes and such. I know I need to blog more even tho no one is reading at this point! Haha! I could say anything I want! Of course I am semi-closeted about my lifestyle. Well, I mean I haven't even told one person about this blog. I will tho when I get my site up and running.

I've been using Fitday software religiously. I log in my foods for the day and I can see how I'm doing as far as my nutrient percentages and even an average over time. This is extremely important to me especially since I stopped taking vitamins. Plus, I'm just interested. I want total, complete nutrition from the foods I eat.

Speaking of the food I eat......holy cow have I been making some goooooood stuff! Chocolate Love (tastes like chocolate milk), Vanilla Peach Cheezcake, Nut Cheez, Portabella Sandwiches, Almond Halva, Shake Yer Booty Gazpacho.... YUM!!! Recipes to come!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I had a hard time waking up this morning even though I got almost 9 hours of sleep. I keep reading about how raw fooders don't need as much sleep...I look forward to that. Had a dull headache too, but I am starting to feel better after lunch.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today's Delicacies....

Yummy. Today I had:

1/2 banana
dates and brazil nuts
salad with everything on it
soup made from oranges, cucumber and tahini (SOOOOO GOOD)
chocolate pudding

Everything was so delicious. I'm so lucky to eat this food!

Back on the Wagon

Well, I reverted to my old, horrible ways after some serious stress entered my life. I just wasn't prepared to handle myself and gained back all the weight I'd lost on raw food. I'm back at it and going strong and hoping that if I commit to this blog....hopefully it will keep me accountable. It doesn't even matter that no one is reading it! It's my journal.

I have already had some healing in just a week or so! I had developed this unsightly bulge-hump type thing where my neck and shoulders meet. I just noticed today that it is gone! Also, I am a liscensed massage therapist and bodyworker and have had BIG trouble with one of my thumbs popping out of joint alot. OUCH! I also had some major pain in that same wrist. That is ALL GONE! Already! I know I am detoxing. I have a boil on my leg and have been having headaches and random skin breakouts. It's all good though. I look forward to the days when my hormones are balanced, my thyroid in functioning properly and I have shed this "false" body and claimed my "true" one!